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  • Product description

Ozone generator ZY­-K21e, manufactured in our company.


Food sterilizer (fruit, vegetables, meat).
Purify the air.
Car air conditionig desifection in passenger cars.
Remove bacteria which accumulate on evaporator car air conditioning.
Stationary air conditioners desinfection.
Refresh facilities, kills bacteria, spores, viruses, microorganisms.
Car washes, garages (last stage of cleaning after repair) car upholstery cleaners.



  • Voltage: AC 220 ~ 240 V
  • Power: 395W
  • Ozone output: 19 - 21 g/h
  • Stainless steel case
  • Capacity control 7G/H, 14G/H, 21G/ H
  • Easy to exchange plates
  • Converters work long time


  • Ozone generator ZY­-K21e made of high quality materials
  • Remote control
  • English user's guide
  • CE declaration
  • Blowing fan (ventilator)
  • Suitable for 3 hours working time
  • Socket with fuse