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Ionizer TP-24A, manufactured in our company.
It's power and technology assure fresh mountain air in every room.


Removes dust from the air, pollen, bacteria and dust mites. Required for people suffering from dust allergies and inflammation of the airways. It is a healing and helps in the treatment of many diseases of the respiratory tract, such as asthma. Air is saturated with negatives ions, such as coniferous forests in mountainous areas.

Produces negative ions. The ionizer generates spiers on its high­ voltage, forcing the circulation of air which is ionized (the spiers ionizer) to the ambient air flows through the holes in the ionizer. Ionized air molecules combine with dirt, dust, tobacco smoke and other pollutants, causing them to collapse to the ground, carpet, etc.. Ionized air (negative ions) have a positive effect on the health and well­being to reduce the feeling of fatigue, accelerate the rest, cause increased concentration, better absorption of science.



Asthma, sore throat, headache
Neuralgia, nervous system
Insomnia and many other diseases



They kill bacteria, viruses and fungi
Facilitate breathing
Cleanse and freshen the air
Enhance concentration
Assist in the study

Ionotherapy is a known and proven method clinic in the world ­ recommended by doctors for the treatment of various diseases.



  • Voltage: AC 220 ~ 240 V
  • Power: 8 W
  • Large capacity of approximately 24 million negative ions / cm3
  • 64 ionizing needles
  • Ozone output < 40 mg/h
  • Stainless steel case and wood
  • Operates at an air humidity up to 90 %